This website was created to educate people about the human rights violations of ICE and to show how large the monster that is the Department of Homeland Security has become. The site was created by Joe Caraccio, an immigration lawyer in New York.  The site is updated whenever possible with information, resources, and media relating to ICE detention and immigration law generally. 

This website was created to be a resource specifically for those dealing with ICE while being detained and their family members. Obtaining information about a case can be difficult and there are not many resources available to the family of those being held in ICE detention.


This website is a part does link to other websites which offer for-profit legal representation.  However, this website provides information free charge, answers questions submitted for free, provides free consultations, and offers to take on pro-bono cases when possible.  Those who email us regarding their case have their cases reviewed at no charge and may be referred to attorneys who will be able to take on their case pro-bono or at significantly discounted rates.


This website does not exist as a for-profit organization exploiting the harm inflicted by for-profit prisons.  This website actually costs money to host and maintain so it operates at a loss. ​

I, Joseph Caraccio, have never made any money from this website. I have never received any legal fees from anyone who has contacted me on this website nor has anyone I know ever received money or any remuneration from this website or any referral received through this website.